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UpTrials Launches Software Solution for Research Hiring with Innovo Research

UpTrials introduces first software dedicated to clinical research hiring with Innovo Research

UpTrials, a company addressing clinical research understaffing through their proprietary hiring platform, announced that they have entered into a partnership with Innovo Research, a provider-sponsored, provider-led network of high-performing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that utilize clinical research as part of their population health strategy.

“We’re honored to have Innovo Research as a partner,” said UpTrials CEO Renuka Agarwal. “Innovo Research is dedicated to innovating in clinical research and providing a seamless experience for patients. They understand the value in providing early feedback to us, and we’re excited to work with them.”

UpTrials is an online hiring platform that enables clinical research employers like Innovo Research to quickly access prescreened clinical research professionals and identify relevant candidates for hire based on clinical research skills and therapeutic area experience. UpTrials algorithmically matches employers with candidates, and provides employers with valuable hiring data. Through this partnership, Innovo Research will be able to accelerate and optimize clinical research hiring across the multiple clinical research locations they operate in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Texas and Washington.

“UpTrials provides a fantastic service, and I haven’t seen anything like it,” said Innovo Research COO Cerdi Beltre. “UpTrials will save us a lot of time in hiring across our sites, and we’re excited to use the platform.”

About UpTrials UpTrials is an innovative clinical research company dedicated to addressing clinical research understaffing through their proprietary hiring platform. UpTrials enables clinical research employers, including sites, CROs and sponsors, to quickly hire the most relevant talent for their clinical trial needs, improving trial timelines and success. UpTrials enables clinical research professionals to discover roles that best fit their profiles, improving retention and professional development.

About Innovo Research Innovo Research is dedicated to promoting clinical research as a patient care option by demonstrating its value to all stakeholders in improving healthcare outcomes for patients, reducing the cost of healthcare to patients, and improving patient engagement and satisfaction with their healthcare experience. In addition to their research network and support services, Innovo Research also supports the pharma industry by assisting with the pragmatic design of future trials and observational study capabilities once their therapeutic is in the market.

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